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Celestial Waters

Celestial Waters

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"Celestial Waters" is a captivating abstract painting that harmoniously blends elements of reality and imagination. At its core, this artwork invites viewers into a tranquil universe where three majestic goldfish swim gracefully amidst a bed of vibrant flowers.

The painting's central focus lies on the three goldfish, their delicate scales shimmering with hues of gold as they navigate through the cosmic expanse. Each fish symbolizes a distinct aspect of life—beauty, resilience, and tranquility—imbuing the artwork with a deeper sense of meaning.

The surrounding floral arrangement, consisting of radiant blooms in various shades of pink, serves as an ethereal backdrop. The flowers seem to sway gently, capturing the essence of a weightless existence as they float in the cosmic currents. Their petals are delicate and intricate, mirroring the complexity and fragility of the universe itself.

"Celestial Waters" exudes a serene energy, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its otherworldly realm. The combination of realistic elements with abstract forms creates a captivating tension, offering a unique visual experience. As you gaze upon the painting, you may feel a profound connection with the universe, experiencing a serene and contemplative state of mind.

Size: 120 x 180cm

Material:  High quality print Museum quality paper, acrylic and gold paint on linen canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 works + 1 AP

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