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"Confrontation" is a captivating pencil painting that depicts a powerful and charged encounter between two goats. In the foreground, a goat with a woman's face confidently gazes directly at the viewer, exuding an air of self-assurance and determination. Adjacent to her, a goat with a man's profile wears a stern and angered expression as he directs his gaze towards the woman. The positioning of their wild goat horns suggests an imminent clash, mirroring the way actual goats collide head-on in battles of dominance.

The pencil strokes add a raw and textured quality to the artwork, enhancing the intensity of the scene. The monochromatic nature of the pencil medium further emphasizes the contrasting emotions and forces at play in this confrontation. The detailed rendering of the goats' features and the meticulous attention to their facial expressions convey a depth of emotion and tension.

"Confrontation" explores themes of power dynamics, gender, and conflict. The painting invites viewers to contemplate the complexities and intricacies of interpersonal struggles, capturing a moment frozen in time where two distinct personalities clash. The title serves as a fitting descriptor, succinctly encapsulating the essence of this captivating artwork.


Size: 90 x 120 cm

Material: High quality print Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, charcoal and acrylics on bamboo 

Limited Edition: 1 works + 1 AP

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