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El Far

El Far

“El Far” (The Lighthouse) is a painting where a young woman gracefully holds an enormous seashell. From within the shell, a warm and comforting light radiates, evoking the concept of an illuminated heart. This inner light becomes an emotional lighthouse, a guide for those seeking direction amidst the darkness.

The seashell, an eternal symbol of the ocean's wonder and the depth of human experiences, becomes a tangible reminder of the importance of exploring our own depths. The young protagonist personifies this quest, her expression reflecting the intensity of her thoughts as she holds the shell with reverence.

Reminds us that each of us has the ability to light the way, much like a lighthouse guides ships through the night. The light emanating from the shell symbolizes intuition and instinct, serving as an internal beacon that helps us navigate the uncharted waters of life. Just as ships rely on the lighthouse's light to avoid getting lost in the dark waters, this artwork invites us to trust our own instincts to find the right path.

Is a visual metaphor for authenticity, self-discovery, and inner guidance. An invitation to explore the relationship between the light that shines from within the heart and the ability to illuminate our path on the journey of life.


Size: 60 x 76cm 

Material:  High quality print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.

Limited Edition: 25 work + 1 AP (90x120cm on framed museum canvas)


*This artwork is sold through Vidrart gallery.

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