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Evolution, Wilhelmina Drucker

Evolution, Wilhelmina Drucker

The essence of the feminist movement in the Netherlands. "Evolution," is a painting paying homage to the distinguished feminist leader Wilhelmina Drucker. Born in 1847 during a time of profound social and political changes, Drucker became a key figure in the feminist transition from the 19th to the 20th century.

Adorned in an elegantly long dress, Wilhelmina Drucker is surrounded by blue tulips, symbolizing both the beauty and complexity of her fight for equality. Founder and editor of the feminist magazine "Evolution," Drucker tirelessly advocated for women's suffrage and equal rights.

The vivid red tulip she holds, contrasting with the surrounding blue, represents her individuality and the passion that infused her dedication to the feminist cause. This unique tulip also symbolizes resilience and courage, serving as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

"Evolution, Wilhelmina Drucker" not only celebrates her figure but also visually captures the resilience and determination that characterized her fight. This portrait embodies the strength of a pioneer who significantly contributed to the evolution of women's rights in the Netherlands and beyond.


100 x 150 cm

Material: High quality print Hahnemuhle German Etching paper and acrylic paint on canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 work + 1 AP

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