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Flowery Night

Flowery Night

"Flowery Night" is a captivating painting that juxtaposes the delicate beauty of flowers and butterflies with an intriguing sense of darkness. At its center, a woman's face emerges, captivating the viewer with her mysterious presence. The canvas is adorned with an abundance of vibrant flowers and gracefully fluttering butterflies, creating a symphony of colors and movement. However, despite the abundance of life and vibrancy, there is an underlying melancholy, as the colors lean towards colder tones, hinting at the approach of darkness. The painting exudes an enigmatic atmosphere, where the viewer is invited to explore the intricate relationship between light and shadow, beauty and unease. "Flowery Night" is a captivating masterpiece that immerses its audience in a contemplative state, evoking a sense of both tranquility and impending change.


Size: 100 x 150 cm

Material: High quality print Hahnemuhle German Etching paper and acrylic paint on canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 work + 1 AP

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