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Freedom in Conformity

Freedom in Conformity

This artwork is sold through Artigas Galery 

“Freedom in Conformity" is an exquisite artwork that illuminates the unwavering essence of one's true self, regardless of the circumstances. 

In this captivating composition, a Japanese woman, adorned in a traditional kimono, radiates serenity as she navigates a world filled with societal expectations. The gentle pastel tones and ethereal swirls of pink and white smoke serve as a backdrop, symbolizing the external forces at play.

With closed eyes and an expression of serene confidence, the woman embodies the indomitable spirit that remains steadfast and unaltered. The addition of a gold necklace symbolizing a relationship not chosen and delicate butterflies further emphasizes the inner strength and resilience within. This artwork serves as a reminder that, no matter the pressures or expectations, one's authentic self never fades.
This artwork invites contemplation on the profound notion that personal power lies in embracing one's true identity. It celebrates the inherent beauty and strength found in remaining true to oneself, even in the face of societal norms. Allow this evocative piece to inspire you to embrace your unique essence and find empowerment in being authentically you.


120 x 180 cm

Material:  High quality print Museum Quality paper, acrylics and gold paint on linen canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 works + 1 AP

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