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La Cimera Marítima

La Cimera Marítima

This artwork is sold through Artigas Galery 

From the enchantment of the ocean to the strength and beauty of women, "La Cimera Marítima" (The Maritime Crest) captivates with an intriguing blend. This artwork encapsulates the essence of the sea and features a woman adorned with a grand seashell on her head. With compelling angles and meticulously rendered details, this painting transports the viewer to an enchanted marine realm. The woman's facial expression exudes power, while the gracefully placed seashell suggests a profound connection with the mysteries and riches of the underwater world. "La Cimera Marítima" beckons us to explore the central role of women in this aquatic realm, reminding us of their strength, resilience, and inherent beauty.


 Size: 60 x 80 cm 

Material:  High quality print on natural cotton museum canvas and acrylics.

Limited Edition: 1 work + 1 AP

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