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"Male" is an evocative pencil painting that portrays the striking portrait of a Tai woman, accentuated by a small butterfly delicately resting upon her hair. The composition's focal point is the woman's mesmerizing hair, which takes on an abstract form, cascading and covering the rest of the artwork. The flowing strands of hair create an ethereal atmosphere, drawing the viewer into a captivating world of mystery and enchantment.

The woman's face becomes a canvas for a tribal pattern, intricately etched into the drawing's surface. To augment its visual impact, the tribal design is adorned with genuine gold embellishments, adding an element of opulence and cultural significance to the artwork. This fusion of the Tai woman's traditional adornment with the delicate butterfly symbolizes a harmonious connection between nature and culture, evoking a sense of grace and strength.

"Male" invites viewers to contemplate the profound beauty and resilience of the human spirit. It celebrates the unique characteristics and cultural heritage of the Tai people while exploring themes of identity, femininity, and the interconnectedness of nature and humanity. The meticulous pencil work captures every nuance and detail, rendering a portrait that emanates both elegance and a timeless allure.

60 x 80 cm

Material: High quality print Hahnemuhle German Etching paper.

Limited Edition: 7 works + 1 AP (22 carats gold leaf, charcoal and Epoxy on dibond)

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