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Trifecta de Perles

Trifecta de Perles

This artwork is sold through Artigas Galery 

In this captivating canvas, a woman is surrounded by seashells and other marine elements, creating a scene full of magic and allure. The three pearls take center stage, symbolizing the three phases of the tides and representing the cyclical exchange of forces that govern the sea. Complementing this trilogy, a peculiar coral with two sharp prongs symbolizes the notion of orientation, space, and time. It also evokes the image of the dove of peace, reminding us of the freedom we feel when we are by the sea. Alongside these features, two starfish located on the opposite side of the coral symbolize the duality and balance of the sea, representing both its destructive power and regenerative capabilities.

This artwork captures the beauty and mystery of the sea, reflecting its cyclical nature and symbolizing the profound connection between human beings and the waters.

This piece invites us to explore the space and time that fade before us as we delve into the mysteries of the tides and the cyclical essence of the sea. It reminds us of the importance of connecting with nature and embracing the cycles of life. "Trifecta of Pearls" urges us to free ourselves from the hustle and bustle of modern life and learn to observe and move in harmony with the natural rhythms. Discover this artwork that immerses us in a world of peace and wonder that only the sea can offer.


100 x 150 cm 

Material: High quality print Hahnemühle German Etching paper and acrylics on canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 work + 1 AP

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