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Venus in Contemplation

Venus in Contemplation

In "Venus in Contemplation," I explore Venus, the revered Roman goddess of beauty, love, and fertility. Personifying femininity in its most sublime form, this central figure is elegantly draped in pink silks and her hair flows in vibrant pink cascades.

This painting invites us to explore the idea that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, not only embodies physical attraction but also the spiritual quest for a deeper and more meaningful love. The rosary-like necklace she holds in her hand suggests a connection between Venus and spirituality, as well as the inner pursuit of beauty and love in a broader sense.

This artwork encourages us to reflect on the beauty and meaning we find in our own lives. 


120 x 180 cm

Material:  High quality print Museum Quality paper and acrylics on linen canvas.

Limited Edition: 1 works + 1 AP

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